Cali Update

My sister and I went to visit Cali this morning and she is doing great and looks so good! We only stayed for a few minutes, but of course Cali was more worried about us and everything going on in our lives than she was about herself. She asked Taylor how summer school was going and told her she felt bad Taylor had to drive clear up from Cedar City for this. Then she asked me if I was doing okay with the failed adoption we experienced last week and asked if our adoption profile was back online yet (it is by the way...see here). She is seriously such an example to me. Here she is in the middle of her greatest suffering ever and instead of looking inward and feeling sorry for herself, she's looking outward and making sure everyone around her is doing okay. What an example she is of love and perfect selflessness. She is beyond amazing.

Josh told us they helped Cali sit and stand up this morning. It was hard for her but she did awesome. Her vitals are really good and she should be moving out of the ICU very soon. She still can't remember anything that has happened in the last few days. She told me her last memory is from Saturday night when she was with our family by the lake near her home.

Cali's mom sent me a bunch of photos she's taken on her phone to post on here. I double checked with Cali while I was there to make sure it was okay for me to post them and she said it was fine, so here they are:

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