Cali is doing wonderful! The last update I got from Josh said that she has been up and walking slowly and that she's eating solids. All of her vitals continue to be good and she is producing her own fluids, so the IV has been removed. The only thing she's still connected to is her oxygen, but she should go off that anytime. Our prayers and your prayers have truly been answered and we couldn't be more grateful. God is good. Miracles do happen!

The outpouring of love for Josh & Cali has been overwhelming! We've been made aware that a donation account has been set up on Josh & Cali's behalf to help pay for their medical expenses (estimated to be over $87,000!). It has been set up at Zion's Bank under "Josh Hinckley Donation." There is also a PayPal account available to send funds through as well. The PayPal account to send donations to is caliandjosh@gmail.com. A massive fundraiser yard sale is also currently being organized to happen in the upcoming weeks where you can donate items to be sold. I will update this blog with the details when they become available. Josh & Cali are not yet aware of any of this yet, but I know they will be beyond humbled and grateful when they find out. Thank you for the generosity and love you have shown. It has been incredible.

Windi, Josh and Amanda. 
These two ladies were a part of the emergency crew that responded on Sunday night. They are incredible and have continued to show their support to Josh and Cali. We can't thank the emergency crews, the air med staff, and all of the hospital staff enough for their talents, their kindness and their support through this experience. This world is filled with extraordinary people. Amidst tragedy, heroes truly are born.
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