Prayers Needed

Saturday evening we spent a relaxing evening with my side of the family at a small lake near my brother Josh & his wife Cali's house. We sat on a hill and ate dinner together while we watched family members take turns riding a paddle boat around the beautiful lake. Cali seemed perfectly fine and told us all things with her pregnancy were going well and that she was feeling good.

However, yesterday things turned for the worse. After church Cali and their daughter Oakland decided to take a nap upstairs on their master bed. While they slept, Josh made himself a pizza and took it down to the basement to eat while he watched TV. About 45 minutes later, he got a phone call from Cali, who was just upstairs, telling him in a breathless voice to come help her. When he got upstairs, he found her gasping for air and going in and out of consciousness. He immediately called 911 and followed their instructions to revive her until the paramedics arrived to take over. They worked on her for several minutes inside the house and then worked on her for several minutes outside the house until the life flight helicopter landed and was able to transport her to the University Hospital.

For those that aren't aware, Cali is pregnant with their third child. Baby Mac, their first child, was stillborn full-term. Oakland, their second child was born healthy, however after giving birth Cali developed a blood clot in her leg from her ankle up to her hip and has struggled with blot clots since then. I believe she has what's called Factor V. Doctors have been monitoring this pregnancy very carefully and she's been on an anticoagulant to prevent the blood clots from forming again--however, the doctors think a blood clot may be the cause of what happened, but they are still in the process of determining the cause of all of this. When I left the hospital last night, Cali was hooked up to all sorts of life support machines and had started bleeding uncontrollably and the doctor's told us if they were unable to get the bleeding under control, they would have to terminate her pregnancy in order to save her. The baby is not viable at this point, which means she would lose the baby if that were to happen. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it would be for Cali to wake up from all of this and realize her baby is gone...especially after everything she's already been through with the loss of Baby Mac.

We just ask for your prayers on her behalf and on her baby's behalf. Cali is the most incredible woman and mother. She and Josh were the biggest support to us last week through our difficult time because they could relate more than anyone to the loss we were feeling. She and Josh have been through far more than their fair share of trials. Josh needs her. Little Oakland needs her. We need her. Please, please keep her in your prayers.

UPDATE: As of just a short time ago, the doctor's determined the cause of this was due to amniotic fluid traveling up into Cali's heart, which caused her to go into cardiac arrest. It may have also caused some type of neurological damage but they are doing some tests to determine the extent of it. They were able to stop the bleeding and her blood is clotting normally again. Sadly, they will need to take the baby in order to spare Cali's life and will be performing that surgery shortly. Our hearts are just breaking. We are praying and pleading for her recovery.
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