Preschool Graduation

Our little man graduated from preschool on Monday and we are so proud of him! His graduation ceremony was so cute and Granny and Grandpa Hink came to watch. Now he's off to kindergarten at a new school in the Fall.

Here are some of my favorite things about Bryson right now:

1. He loves to race me up the stairs (he almost always wins).
2. He loves to draw pictures...especially pictures of pirate ships.
3. He says to me several times everyday,  "I love you. You're pretty."
4. Whenever I vacuum, he grabs a sword and fights off the vacuum like its a bad guy.
5. When he doesn't know the words to the hymns in church, he sings "hi-ho cherrio!"
6. He's learning all of the names & faces of the modern-day prophets and prays every night that Heavenly Father will help him remember them.
7. He knows who he is (ask him the next time you see him and you'll love his answers).

Bryson with his teacher Ms. Moore.

Bryson with one of his best preschool buddies Brad. His other best buddy is Isaac, but we didn't get a picture with him. Bryson had a lot of fun play dates with Brad this the year.

Words cannot even begin to express how blessed we feel to have this little boy in our lives.

We love you Bryson!
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