Our Crazy Weekend: Skydiving, 10K, etc...

YOUTH CONFERENCE: I shipped Bryson off to Granny's house this weekend so I could attend Youth Conference which consisted of three days of jam-packed fun! We hiked up to Ensign Peak at 4:30am to watch the sunrise, offered service at the Bishop's Storehouse, went to the Olympic Park in Park City and watched the Olympic ski jumpers practice, rode the zip line and Alpine Slide, went to the Clark Planetarium, The Lion House, Hogle Zoo, This is the Place Park, etc. It was such a fun weekend and I loved spending it with these cute girls.

CABIN WITH FRIENDS: This actually happened last weekend, but I haven't had time to post about it, so I'm throwing it in here. We spent a day up at our friends cabin and it was a blast. We fished, canoed, swam, played Human Battleship, played catch, rode 4-wheelers, ate yummy food and just hung out. It was SO relaxing and was just what I needed to detox from a very stressful and emotionally exhausting week.

10K RACE FOR GRIEF: My neighbor Jen (who by-the-way is a total rock star) and I have been running together in the mornings and ran in the Race for Grief this weekend in memory of Baby Mac and Baby Quincy. I've grown to really enjoy running and especially enjoyed running my heart out for my two little nephews. My goal was to finish in under an hour and I barely did it with a time of 59 minutes. I look forward to running the Cedar City Half Marathon in September. My goal for the half will be to simply finish without dying...haha.

SKYDIVING: Mike somehow talked all of these people from his work (& his sister Camden) into skydiving this weekend. Mike was SO EXCITED...and I, well I was just certain he was going to plummet to the earth and die!!! Thankfully he survived. He has always been into extreme sports and just LOVES stuff like this. After watching the fun they all had, I'm almost tempted to try it someday.

Here's the video of Mike's death defying jump:

Here are some pictures from his jump.

Life rules!

P.S. View the latest update on Cali on her mom's blog here: http://mikenatalieandalex.blogspot.com/
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