Summer Fun

Right now my boys are peacefully enjoying Sunday afternoon naps so I thought it would be the perfect time to sit down and update you on some of our fun Summer adventures!

My brother and his two sons volunteer at This is the Place Heritage Park once a week so we decided to visit them for day to see what they do. Bryson loved it and had so much fun exploring the park with his cousins.

He held baby chickens

...rode on a train

...and panned for gold in a river.

We also spent a fun day at Lagoon. It was Bryson's first time going and it was fun to watch him experience it for his first time.
Here's a 2 minute look at the fun he had on some of the rides:

 We've been on some fun bike rides along the Jordan River Parkway and down to parks near our home.

Hopefully by the end of the Summer Bryson will be training wheel free!


Mike's siblings were all in town with their families for a few weeks so we got to spend a lot of time with them. Bryson was thrilled to have all of his cousins around to play with. Nonni planned tons of fun games for everyone to play. Here are some funny clips from one of them (hopefully I don't get disowned by posting this):

Life rules!
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