Granger 15-Year Reunion

This weekend was my 15-year high school reunion! It was so much fun to go and spend time catching up with old friends but at the same time crazy nuts to realize we're all getting as old as we are!

Granger High was built in 1958 and since this will be its last year standing, our class invited ALL other classes to our reunion as one big last "hurrah" before they tear down the asbestos filled school...

and replace it with this new state-of-the-art beauty, which will be finished next year. 

All six of my siblings are Granger alumni, but my big brother Zack was the only one that showed up so we had some good brother/sister bonding time as we roamed the halls together reminiscing about the good ol' days. Zack was a senior when I was a sophomore and always made sure to embarrass me in front of all of his super cute friends because he knew I had crushes on every single one of them. He played the role of a big brother VERY well.

While roaming the halls we found Zack's name on this plaque in one of the trophy cases for being the outstanding male athlete in his class (I couldn't get a good shot of his name because it was behind the trophy). My little sister's hubby's name (Abbel Aiono) was on it too, so that was fun to see.

My hot date (aka: Mike) and Zack looking at old class pictures that line the halls.

Even some of our old teachers attended the reunion! Here's Zack with one of his football coaches from back in the day. It was such a fun evening and I'm glad I was able to attend and pay my final respects to the school I love.
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