Our little man started kindergarten today! Of course he chose to wear his new Star Wars Lego shirt, which he was beyond excited about. He got his outfit all laid out perfectly on the floor last night so he was all ready to go.

When we got to his school this morning Bryson was a little nervous as he waited in line--but then he saw his friend from church (the boy behind him) and learned they had the same teacher, so that got him really excited and quickly put him at ease.

Before I knew it, his teacher whisked his line into the school and my little boy was gone! 
Off to start a new chapter in his life.
Good luck little buddy!

Now that Bryson is back in school he's been working really hard to get to bed on time. To help him, I created a bedtime schedule that we hung on his bedroom wall so he can remember the things he needs to do each night before he goes to bed and so he knows what time they need to be done in order to get to bed on time. It has worked wonders and has helped Mike and I keep things straight too!
Bryson has also been working really hard to learn how to read. I made him this sticker chart to motivate him to do 30 minutes of reading every day. He reads to me for 15 minutes out of one of his beginner reading books and then I read to him for 15 minutes out of a book from the library--right now we are enjoying Stuart Little. He can earn $1 a week if he reads every day. So far he's earned $2 and is anxiously saving for a double-bladed light saber.

Bryson is almost riding his bike without his training wheels! Mike has been practicing with him a lot this week and he almost has it down! Check him out:

And here's one last 30 second video of Bryson water skiing for the first time that I've been meaning to post for a few weeks. Check out all of his fancy tricks:

Bryson rules. Life rules.
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