The Gift

What a blessing adoption is! We had Lilly's birth mom and family over for dinner last night and they shared with us a beautiful video Amber created (via her amazingly talented cousin Jared Fadel) for our precious Lilly that documents Amber's courageous adoption journey.

Words cannot describe how amazing it was to watch it with them. I pretty much sobbed through the entire thing. Lilly is SO LOVED! What a special gift this video will be to Lilly throughout her life. It will always be there as constant reminder of how much her birth family loves her and how incredible they are! We honestly feel so blessed to know them and have them a part of our lives. Lilly has truly bonded our families together forever!

Lilly with her incredible birth mother Amber...or as we call her "Mommy Amber."

Lilly with her siblings--Bryson, Olivia & Cole.

Lilly with her great-grandmother Beatrice.

Lilly with her Aunt Erica.

Lilly with her cousin Ashlyn and sister Olivia.

Lilly and her two mommies.

We love you Amber!
 Thank you for the precious gift you have given us!
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