The Treasure Hunt

Bryson has the coolest uncle. His name is Isaac, but we call him Ike. He came to visit the other day and made Bryson a cute pirate map that Bryson just loved.

Bryson loved it so much that Ike and his wife Amy decided to create a real treasure hunt complete with a very real looking pirate map, clues and a buried treasure for all the grand kids to do at Granny & Grandpa's house the next time we visited.

Here is the amazing map he created.

Here are the clues. Each contained a letter that spelled out the destination of the buried treasure.

The kids ran around crazy from clue to clue which ended them up in the sandbox digging for a treasure chest. When they opened the chest, it was filled with fun kid toys and candy that kept them entertained for the rest of the evening. 

Lilly stayed safe on Grandpa Hink's lap while her cousins ran wild all around her. 

Grandpa sure loves her!

Thank you Ike & Amy for being such a fun aunt and uncle and for planning such a great activity for the grand kids. They sure love you!

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