National Adoption Day

Saturday was National Adoption Day so who better to spend it with than our two amazing birth mother's Kim & Amber. They had never met before so we planned a little get together downtown with both of them and had such a great time.
These two beautiful women are our heroes. We have a family with two adorable children because of them.  Somehow each of them were led to choose us as the adoptive parents for their little babies and we couldn't feel more humbled and blessed because of it. Words cannot even begin to express the love, gratitude and admiration we have for each of them.
Mommy Amber with sweet Lills.

Mommy Kim with cute Bryson. 

I love this picture of Amber and Lilly and the one below of Kim and Bryson in front of the temple. These pictures are a beautiful symbol of the most important gift they have given to Lilly and Bryson -- the blessing to be a part of an eternal family! We are so thankful it's ours!

In honor of National Adoption Day and Month, I also wanted to share with you this incredible website called BraveLove who's mission is

 "to change the perception of adoption through honest, informative, and hopeful communication that conveys the heroism and bravery a birth mother displays when she places her child with a loving family through adoption."

We feel honored to have been asked by BraveLove to share the beautiful video of Amber's courageous adoption journey on their website HERE in honor of National Adoption Day.  Please take a moment to view this beautiful short video created by them:

"...but maybe every once in a while a mom and a mother will find each other and join hands and be for the other what they can't be for themselves..."

Mommy Kim and Mommy Amber, thank you for giving Mike and I what we could not give ourselves-- the chance to be a father and a mother. You will forever be our superheroes!

Adoption rules!
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