December Recap

Wow, has it been a crazy month! We've had so much going on that it's been hard to find time to blog about anything, so I thought I'd sum everything up in one very long post. Good luck getting through all of it...haha.

These two are bosom buddies and just adore each other. It has been so fun to watch Bryson embrace his new role as a big brother. He's learned how to carefully carry Lilly around the living room and is so gentle and kind with her. We feel so beyond blessed to have these two little ones in our family.


Bryson loves to put on performances for Lilly and she loves to watch them. Here's a short clip of one of his recent performances.

For the past several months I've been taking tennis lessons with some friends at Liberty Park. It has been a blast and I actually feel like I kind of know what I'm doing now. We have a Monday night tradition where we meet up at the tennis courts and compete against our hubby's and I think us ladies finally have the skills to dominate. The men are going down!

Bryson has been esctatic with all of the snow we've been getting and plays out in it all the time. He's lucky to have a dad that also loves the snow so they've spent endless hours out there together working on a cool snow cave.


Bryson's school had a Christmas sing-along and this is one of the cute songs he performed (sorry the filming isn't that great).

Bryson got the game Farkle for a white elephant gift and it has become one of our new favorite games to play as a family. Bryson especially loves it because so far he is undefeated and it's not because Mike and I let him win, but because he's stinkin' good!

We took Trax downtown to see the lights on Temple Square. The lights were beautiful as always.

Mike's work is within walking distance of Temple Square, so we headed there afterward to warm ourselves up and to enjoy some hot chocolate.

We spent Christmas Eve with my side of the family. The grandkids opened their Christmas jammies from Granny and looked so cute. This picture is of eight of the fourteen Hinckley grandkids.

Being a kid on Christmas morning was always amazing, but being a parent on Christmas morning is SOOO much better. The excitement in Bryson's eyes as he saw and started opening his presents was infectious. He was so cute to watch. He got a castle and a double-sided light saber and said it was the best Christmas ever! Lilly got a few little toys, books, and some clothes. We enjoyed Christmas day with Mike's family. We had a delicious lunch, played games and enjoyed watching Bryson play with his castle.


The highlight of our Christmas was by far the day after. My side of the family rented the SLCC Institute building all day and had a blast. We mostly hung out in the gym playing different sports but they also have several pool tables, a ping pong table, and a foosball table, which made for some fun competition.

My niece got a RipStik for Christmas and brought it to practice. I about killed myself trying to ride it but Mike hopped right on it for the first time and rode it around the gym like a pro. He was crazy good at it.

We ordered pizza, had a gift exchange, played board games and just enjoyed ourselves all day. It was so much fun and I'm pretty sure it will become a new family tradition.

Merry Christmas!

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