Check It Out!

Little man lost his first tooth two days ago! Yay! It had been loose for a few days but on Tuesday morning it was ready to come out. Bryson had just finished eating breakfast with me and ran upstairs to get dressed for school. A few minutes later he came running back downstairs to the kitchen table where I was still sitting with a ginormous smile on his face and his hand behind his back. I immediately noticed his smile was different and totally freaked out with excitement as he proudly pulled his hand out from behind his back and showed me his little tooth. He said when he got upstairs to change his clothes he noticed it was really loose so he pulled on it and it popped right out!

Here's a look at the little guy.

After he showed it to me he ran back up to his room and found his cute Tooth Fairy pillow that Granny Goose gave him and shoved his tooth inside and immediately placed it under his pillow so he was all ready to go for that night. He was excited.

He woke up a whole $1 richer the next morning. Kuddos to the Tooth Fairy!

I keep telling Bryson to stop growing up, but for some reason he won't listen to me. Watching him grow up is so bittersweet for me. It's exciting to watch him mature and develop but at the same time I just want to hang on to his sweetness and innocence forever! So I'm learning to cherish the NOW--not the past, not the future, but every single moment of the NOW. Every moment with him is unique and different and will never be experienced again, so I'm striving to cherish each one.

I love my little man!

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