This past Friday morning we took a trip to the Matheson Courthouse in downtown Salt Lake to finalize Lilly's adoption. We've been waiting six months for this special day and are so excited to announce that Lilly is now legally a member of our family!

The hearing was extremely formal, but the judge was kind enough to let us take some pictures afterward (he was totally wearing jeans under that robe). My sister Rachel, sister-in-law Amy and my parents all came to watch. Our attorney went through a series of questions that Mike and I both had to answer individually before the judge verifying that we would love, care for, and support Lilly throughout her life even when she's a hormonal teenager (they really said that). We must have given the right answers because at the end the judge declared her ours.

This is our amazing case worker Shantel, who has been through the thick and thin of our adoption journey with us, and our attorney Drew Gilliland, who helped us with the finalization.

Lilly with her Granny Goose and Grandpa Hink.

Lilly with mommy and daddy outside the courthouse.

We stopped by Mike's work afterward to show Lilly off to his co-workers.
They gave her the adorable outfit (from The Gap) that she wore to the finalization.

I have to end with this cute little gem that we took of Bryson in his "Best Big Bro" shirt and Lilly in her "Baby Sis" shirt. Words cannot even begin to express how grateful we feel to have these two in our family. Thank you Mommy Amber and Mommy Kim for entrusting us with their care. We love them so stinkin' much!

P.S. We also had the sacred opportunity to have Lilly sealed to us this past weekend, but I will share the details of that in a future post.

Life rules.
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