6 Years Old

Our little man turned six a month ago (on March 24th). I know I'm very behind in posting about his birthday and everything else going on in his life, so this post is going to be flooded with all things Bryson. First of all, I absolutely love the age he is at right now. He soaks up the world like a sponge and is so eager to learn about everything around him. There is something truly special about Bryson and we feel so beyond blessed to have him in our lives.

For Bryson's birthday this year he asked us for a globe and a liahona. I'm not sure where he plans on going, but at least he'll have a way to find his way there now...haha. The globe is illuminated and looks so pretty when it's lit up at night. In the weeks leading up to his birthday when family members asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he was very strategic in his planning and made sure to tell each person a different item from his wish list in order to be sure he got everything he wanted. His strategy worked and he really did walk away with everything on his list. Pretty smart thinking for a 6-year-old!
We had a small family birthday party this year and Mommy Kim got to come to his party for the very first time since he was born. She's always lived outside of Utah up until now, so it was great to have her here to celebrate his big day with us. She is so amazing and we love her so much.

Bryson recently finished playing indoor soccer again with his cousin Naish. Bryson LOVES soccer and decided to play outdoor soccer instead of baseball this year. He is becoming quite the player and is a pretty fast little runner.

For some reason Bryson decided to start copying The Book of Mormon into his new little notebook from school. I have no idea what inspired him to start doing this but he's been doing it pretty consistently over the last few weeks and spends a few minutes before bed most nights copying down a few lines of text. He's such a cutie.
Bryson absolutely LOVES school! He has an amazing teacher and has made some really great friends. He has been in all-day kindergarten and it has been fun to watch him progress and learn. He got chosen to be the student of the month and they gave him this cute little framed certificate to take home. What his teacher said about him was so cute and made me tear up a little when I read it. He is such a good kid and we are so proud of him.

I try to do a video each year of Bryson telling about his life and this is this years video. He was quite the little talker so I had to edit it a little so it wasn't so long. Enjoy!

We can't get enough of our little man and love him so much!
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