Lilly's Sealing & Blessing

Yes, we are still alive! I think this is probably the longest lapse I've had in blogging ever but I have a good excuse--we've been very busy celebrating some very important events in our lives! First and foremost we had the opportunity to have Lilly sealed to our family on March 16th. It was such a special day.

A big thank you to our friend Jared Fadel (check out his amazing portfolio here) for capturing this special day on video for us.

Our adoption journey to Lilly was a very difficult one, but seeing Bryson and Lilly walk into the sealing room in Salt Lake Temple all dressed in white made every heartbreak and tear worth it and I can honestly say that I would go through it all over again just for that moment. It was incredible. Throughout the sealing Lilly was so calm and looked the sealer right in the eyes as if her little spirit understood exactly what was taking place. What a blessing eternal families are!

Our family and friends have been such an incredible support to us throughout this journey. Lilly is beyond blessed to have so many people in her life that love her so much.

Yesterday was Lilly's blessing. The beautiful dress she wore to the sealing and to the blessing was made by Mike's mom and has Lilly's name and her sealing and blessing dates stitched on the back. Mike gave Lilly a beautiful blessing and I had the chance to share my testimony and shared the words of the below song from Lamb of God by Rob Gardner because they perfectly reflect the testimony I've gained through this journey.
I believe these words to be true with all of my heart. I know God hears and answers our prayers and that there is purpose in every heart brake, pain, and tear we shed as we wait for our answers to come--and that when our answers do finally come, they will be far more amazing than anything we could have ever hoped for. Lilly is evidence of that. We love her beyond words and are so grateful to have her in our family.

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