8 Months Old

Lilly is 8 months old and has learned a ton of new tricks! She's crawling, pulling herself up to things, clapping, says "ma ma ma," can go from her tummy to a sitting position, and she's cutting her two bottom teeth!

She is always smiling and sticking out her tongue and loves to play with jewelery, shoes, my purse and my phone--I think we're in serious trouble!

She also no longer uses a binky because she chucked it into a bush during one of our morning runs and I could not for the life of me find it (it was the only one we had), so she's all done with that!

In her 9 month post I'll get some video of her doing all of her new tricks but for today, I'll just post this little gem of Lilly's adorable baby giggles.

She is at such a fun age and we love her to pieces!!!

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