First Grade!

This is a conversation that took place the other day:

Me: Hey Bryson, I'd love for you to come to the store with me!
Bryson: Sorry mom, I already have plans.
Me (with very raised eyebrows): Plans? You're only six, what kind of "plans" could you possible have?

He then went on to tell me about all the plans he really did have for the day.
On Friday (we are on year-round now), I sent this little boy full of big plans off to first grade! He is seriously such a good kid and is such a blessing to have in our family. On Thursday we got to meet his new teacher, look around his cute classroom and find his desk. He's been pretty bummed about having to get a new teacher because he LOVED his kindergarten teacher but his new teacher seems really nice and I'm sure he'll end up liking her too.
Here's a full shot of the outfit he chose to wear on his first day.
Our new home is far enough away from the school that he gets to ride the bus now. I never got to ride the bus to school as a kid, but always wanted to, so this whole bus thing is totally new to me and to him.
He was happy to see our cute neighbor Madison in line.
His bus driver is so cute and gave Bryson a high five when he got on.
After school Bryson hopped off the bus with a great big grin on his face. The bus makes three stops on the way home and because this bus thing is new to me, I didn't even think to tell him which stop was ours (ours is the last stop). Luckily he was smart enough to watch when our neighbor Madison got off and then followed her off. I think the big smile he got off the bus with was definitely a smile of relief that he actually made it home. I think he was pretty worried he may not!
I loved listening to him tell me about his day while we went through his backpack. He said that at school another cute neighbor of ours, Kaieva, who is a few years older than him, helped him make friends at recess and helped him get to the right bus line after school. It was so sweet of her to help him like that and I know he sure appreciated it. I love this little boy to pieces and look forward to all of the new adventures that await him in first grade!

Favorite quote this week:

"Behind every great kid, is a mom who's pretty sure she's screwing it up."

So true. Life rules.
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