This is the Place!

In an effort to keep Bryson busy this Summer so he doesn't die of boredom, I signed us up to volunteer as pioneers at This Is the Place Heritage Park. We are there every Monday from 10-2 (come see us!) and are absolutely loving it!

My brother & sis-in-law (& their kiddos), my sister (& her kiddos) and my parents are also volunteering there with us. My dad is the train driver and the rest of us are in the Rich home. It has been so much fun for Bryson to get to explore the park each week with so many of his cousins, and boy do they explore!

There are so many fun things for kids to do. You can pan for gold, ride the train, make crafts (Bryson's favorite is making arrowhead necklaces at the Native American Village), go on pony rides, and get a shave--that's what he is getting in the picture. Next week they are opening a splash pad, which is bound to be a huge hit with the kiddos.

This is how Bryson looks pretty much the entire time we are there. He runs around the village with his cousins and I hardly ever see him because he's so busy exploring and having a blast.

Lilly looks so adorable in her little pioneer dress and bonnet. Whenever I walk around the village with her on my hip, all of the guests just go ga-ga over how precious she looks.

We have had a lot of friends and family come to the park while we've been there and it's been fun to spend time with them and get to show them around. Lilly's cute cousins Adyson and Skyler (& their family) came to visit us this past Monday.

I had to throw this one in here because I just love her little face. The home behind her is the home we work in. We spend most of the day sitting on blankets and visiting in the shade outside our home and doing chores like picking up sticks, beating the rugs, sweeping the floors and making rugs.

This is our attempt at taking a serious pioneer looking picture...haha.
(Jake, Michelle, Bodie & my dad are missing from it...oh and Lilly because her face is covered)

Here's a shot of my brother Jake napping on the lawn outside our home. Everything about This Is the Place takes you right back to the 1800's and makes you feel like you've traveled back in time. I love it.

We have just loved our experience there and hope to be able to volunteer again next year! We'll be there each Monday from 10-2 through the month of July, so come and see us!

Before we moved, Bryson got asked to tell some pioneers stories for a video our stake made to get the youth excited for Trek. He did such a cute job, so I thought I'd share it here since it has to do with pioneers...

Favorite quote this week:

"The happiest people do not have the best of everything. 
They make the best of everything they have."
Life rules!
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