Lilly's Special Day!

On September 7th Lady Lilly turned one year old! We always do things big around here on the 1st birthday...and 5th, 8th, 12th, 16th & 18th (all the other birthdays we keep really low-key), so she got a really special party this year filled with really special people. Our house was packed with everyone from the Hinckley family, Miller family and birth family that live close enough by to come.
I had a blast decorating and making things look pretty for the party. For dinner we served steak, chicken, shrimp, veggie & fruit kabobs, homemade bread sticks and homemade salsa (recipe here). For dessert we served cupcakes, Oreo pops, and ice cream.

We planned to have the party in the backyard and had all sorts of fun games and activities planned, but as we were getting things set up it started pouring rain, so we had to move the party inside. The men spent the evening down in the man cave watching the BYU game, the women spent the evening participating in the actual party and the kids spent the evening running wild through the house. Kid-sized straight jackets will definitely be on my list of items to buy for the next big party....sheesh!
Mommy Amber gave Lilly the cutest little birthday outfit to wear and she looked adorable! Lilly also got a whole closet full of adorable new clothes, jewelry, books, dolls, and a toy phone.

Lilly sat on Mommy Amber's lap while she looked through the photo book we made for her of Lilly's first year (view it here). We make one to give to each of our birth mom's every year and it was neat to see how touched Amber got by it.
When we put Lilly in her high chair and started singing happy birthday to her, she immediately started crying. She apparently doesn't like that song. She picked daintily at her cupcake a couple of times but then was done and just wanted get back out and play.

It was so wonderful to have Amber and her amazing family there to celebrate Lilly's special day with us. It's all because of Amber that we even have anything to celebrate. She is our angel and we are so incredibly thankful for the precious gift she has given us!

I had to add this video I took of Lilly after the party was all over (she was breaking in her new boots) because it shows Lilly's crazy way of getting to a standing position without using her hands. I just love it! Check it out:

Happy birthday Lilly! We sure love you!

Favorite quote this week:

"Many of the deepest regrets of tomorrow can be prevented by following the Savior today."
 -President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Life rules.
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