Lady Lilly

I haven't posted about Lilly lately so I thought I'd post a few pictures and videos we've taken of her recently so I can document all of her cuteness!

Lilly is now 15 months old and weighs 20 lbs 3 oz. and is  31 1/2 inches tall, which keeps her right at the 50%tile. She's a tiny little thing but boy oh boy is she strong (just ask the nurse who tried to give her shots the other day...sheesh!). This girl is into EVERYTHING! She moves from one room to the next making mess after mess. It is hard for me to keep up with her!
She loves to push her little baby doll in her cute stroller that Aunt Rachel gave her.
This girl LOVES music---dancing to it and creating it! Whenever I sit down to play the piano Lilly immediately runs to the piano to join in.
Lilly hates being cold but has had a few fun moments in the snow this winter. She looks adorable in her big fluffy pink coat.

She is so full of personality and makes the cutest faces. She always gapes her mouth wide open whenever she runs. We're not quite sure why she does that but it's adorable and always gives Mike and I a good laugh.
The picture below isn't the greatest but it's the only one I could find that shows Lilly's love for coloring. She LOVES to draw and scribbles on anything she can get her hands on (I'm very afraid for my walls in the future). She even taught herself how to hold a pencil properly. She's definitely going to be right handed (even though she's using her left hand in the picture). I really do think she is going to be an artist or writer or something because it really is her favorite thing.
Now that she's growing such a nice set of teeth (she has eight right now), I can't get her to stop eating!
She is constantly pulling food out of the pantry and carries it all around the house. The other day she dragged a big bag of tortilla chips the size of her body all the way up the stairs!
This is Lilly's attractive morning look! Isn't she a beauty?...ha! On this particular morning, she somehow managed to completely undress herself down to her diaper! Some mornings she wakes up as sweet as an angel with a huge smile on her face and other mornings she wakes up like a devil child and is as ornery as can be! This was a devil child morning.
She LOVES bath time and would play in the tub all day if I let her. She is also babbling like crazy and can say "ma-ma-ma" and "da-da-da."
How can you not love this face! We honestly cannot get enough of her and we feel so blessed to have her in our family.
I'll end with three short clips of Lilly from the other day. I love watching Mike play with the kids. He's a big tease, but is so good with them!

Favorite quote this week:
"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life rules!
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