Girl Cousin Sleepover

On August 1st we had our annual girl cousin sleepover where I invite all of the girl cousin's from Mike's side of the family and my side of the family (who live locally) over for a sleepover.
I always try to plan fun activities for the girls to keep them entertained throughout the evening and so this year we played "restaurant" for dinner and the girls loved it.

The girls each got their own place mat and a menu and then I had Riley and Zyan (the oldest cousins) be the waitresses and take the girls orders.
The girls (& Bryson) loved it and were so cute.
Then we painted nails and did face painting.
My adorable nieces Oakland, Izzy & Zoey showing off their body art.
Then we had a fashion show where all the girls got to strut their stuff and model their new school clothes. Oakland was quite the little poser.
Then we popped some popcorn and moved down to the basement to watch a movie. 
After the movie, the girls ran around like wild women. It was great to see them have so much fun together. Here's a little clip.

This is my neighbor Kieva (she & her sister joined the party for a bit) and she is my little volleyball buddy. She is already such an amazing volleyball player and she and I love to pepper together. The photo bomber in the back is Riley.
Since Mike's birthday was the next morning, Saki decided to teach all of the girls how to sing happy birthday in Japanese so they could all sing it to him in the morning.

Saki and the older girls had me pull out all of my old American Girl dolls and they loved playing with them.
We had such a fun time and I hope it's a tradition we can carry on for many years to come.

Favorite quote this week:

"Live every day as if it is your last chance to make someone happy!"
-Janice Routt 

Life rules!

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