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This blog (& our life) has been so consumed with all things Carlee over the last few months that Lilly really hasn't gotten much screen time on this ol' blog, so today I'm going to do a little catch up on all of the wonderful things she's been up to.
(Our neighbor is learning photography and asked our kiddos to pose for some photos so he could practice his skills and he captured this adorable shot of Lilly. Isn't she a doll! I could just eat her up!)

Hmm, so where to start?  I guess I should begin with Lilly's greatest accomplishment. She's potty trained! Yay!
I was bound and determined to get her potty trained before we brought Carlee home from the hospital in January because I was not about to have two kiddos in diapers. So we hit it hard and she took right to it! As soon as I introduced her to undies, she wanted nothing more to do with diapers. Like all toddlers, she still has accidents every now and again, but she really has done so great!

Lilly love, love, LOVES singing The Wheels on the Bus, Finger Family, and the Put On Your Shoes song. Here's a cute video that I shared on Facebook of Lilly singing the Finger Family song with Mike.

She loves going on bike rides around our circle on daddy's handle bars:

For some reason Lilly occasionally roams the house at night, so we never quite know where we're going to find her in the morning. Sometimes we find her on the stairs, sometimes in Bryson's bed, on Bryson's floor, in our bed, on the floor next to our bed, etc.

I bought her some cute new bedding and that has helped her want to stay put in her bed a little better, but getting her to stay in her bed all night is still a work in progress.

Lilly absolutely adores Carlee and asks to hold her several times each day.

Lilly changes her clothes at least ten times a day. This is her modeling an outfit she put together wearing her swimsuit:
...and here's another cute one of her modeling our neighbor's sunglasses:

Bryson has started to tease Lilly like all good big brother's do, so I'm constantly getting serenaded by their bickering. It's awesome (yes, I'm being sarcastic). Anything Bryson has, she wants. Anything Bryson does, she wants to do as well. I've learned that the very best way to get her to eat her veggies, is to simply have Bryson eat his...haha!

As cute as she is, she very often looks like a little homeless child because she likes to pull her hair out after I fix it and change her clothes after I dress her.

I had my sis-in-law babysit her while I took Carlee to a doctor's appointment the other day and apparently they wore her right out because she fell asleep just like this at the counter after I brought her home:
A few other cute things about Lilly:
  • she loves to put the forks on the table at dinner time--but don't ask her to say the word fork because it comes out as FU**. She's still learning how to properly pronounce that word.
  • she loves the color pink
  • she loves to play cars
  • she loves to eat nuts--especially pistachios
  • she talks in a super quiet voice
  • she is the most polite little girl and never has to be reminded to say "thank you"
  • she LOVES to dance
  • she is completely terrified of car washes, having water poured over her head, and hair dryers
  • she calls pancakes "hickey who's" (sticky hands) because they give her sticky hands. She hates having sticky hands.
We love her to pieces and feel so blessed to have her in our family.

Favorite quote this week:
" A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms."

Life rules!

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