3 Years Old

This little bundle of energy is 3 years old! Here's how we celebrated her special day:

 She got a fun visit from her Mommy Amber and Grandma Bea...

...and had fun playing with her birth brother & sister Cole & Olivia.
All she wanted for her birthday was an Elsa dress.
 She couldn't have been more thrilled and danced and sang in it all day. In fact, she's changed into the dress at least once every day since she got it and has already almost worn the thing out!

She had a visit from Granny & Grandpa Hinckley and then Unky & Nonni took her to a movie.

She chose homemade pizza for her birthday dinner...

...and Unky & Bryson made her a special icecream sandwich cake.

This girl LOVES gymnastics and would spend all day at the gym if I would let her.

She climbed around like a monkey on the jungle gym wearing her new Little Mermaid shirt, which she also loves.

3 Things I love about Lilly:

1. She loves to sing and dance and look pretty.
2. She has the best laugh.
3. She's the best snuggler.

Happy birthday sweet Lills! We sure love you!

Favorite quote this week:
"Show me your friends and I'll show you your future."
-John Kuebler

Life rules!
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