Carly's 1st Birthday

I am a firm believer that fortune cookies always come true! On August 26, 2014, I opened a fortune cookie that said, "A small lucky package is on its way to you soon." Two months later, on October 25th, a very small 2 lbs. 4oz. package came into our lives and changed it forever. We feel so beyond lucky to have been chosen to be Carly's parents. It is hard to believe she is already one!

Here are some photos from her special day:

We had a special dinner to celebrate Carly's birthday and invited all of her family and two birth families to attend.

This little girl seriously has so many people in her life that love her, support her, and pray for her.

This adorable outfit is one that Lilly wore on her 1st birthday and Carly looked every bit as adorable in it.

Carly is crawling around like crazy, so Mike added wheels and a cord to a little plastic bin so she can pull around her TPN with her wherever she goes. She is loving the new found freedom to explore it has given her!

Carly with her cute cousin Oakland.

Carly got spoiled with lots of cute clothes, toys, books and diapers. 

Mike and Ike even got a special gift...hehe!

Carly's little gut can't tolerate any sugar, so she got to enjoy a sugar free birthday cake (it was actually quite yummy!)

 Happy birthday sweet Carly! We sure do love you!

Health Update:
Carly is doing AWESOME! Her new G-tube has made a world of a difference! She now weighs 14 pounds! Her dietitian has been ecstatic with her weight gain and just called to tell me that we can reduce her TPN from 21 hours a day down to 18 hours a day, which means she can be free from her backpack for a whopping 6 hours a day...wahoo! Since the G-tube was placed, we've also seen improvements in her liver enzymes and they are almost back within the normal range, which is so great! Her liver biopsy did show TPN related liver damage, but the good thing about that is that once she gets off of the TPN, the liver should be able to eventually heal itself.

They did a blood test to determine the absorptive function of her remaining intestine (serum citrulline). Studies have shown that a serum citrulline >19 means that you'll be able to get off of TPN more quickly. Carly's citrulline is at an 11, so that indicates it may take her a little longer than we were hoping for her to get off the TPN, but every one is different, so we are praying it will still end up being sooner rather than later.

"Be kind to unkind people. They need it most."
-Ashleigh Briliant 

Life rules!

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